Imagine fine lines reduced, luminosity restored, and results that last.

Rejuvenating Microinjections

Has time caused your skin to lose its luster? Are you looking for a long lasting, corrective treatment to address necklace line, hands, etched smile lines, or your overall complexion?

If you’ve been struggling with fine lines and topicals aren’t doing the trick you may want to consider SkinBoosters. Imagine a treatment that works to smooth away lines and wrinkles from the inside out. Using micro-injections this treatment targets fine lines on the neck, hands, face and chest and improves hydration deep inside the skin. Hydration lasts months, not days. The result, minimized fine lines, increased skin firmness, elasticity and radiance.

Say goodbye to ineffective spa facials, and hello to SkinBoosters and months of a luminous hydrated complexion.

Treatment In 15 Minutes

Results In 2- 4 Weeks

Results Last 12 months
*maintenance required every 6 months after original series

Benefits at a glance

  1. Anti-aging results
  2. Rejuvenated skin texture and appearance
  3. Target fine lines and wrinkles
  1. Long lasting results
  2. Deep skin hydration
  3. Excellent solution for necklace lines

"I recently had my necklace lines treated with SkinBoosters by Dr. Shannon Humphrey. The treatment itself was painless, only took a few minutes and no downtime! Since the treatment, I’ve noticed the lines in my neck are much smoother. I would absolutely recommend SkinBoosters."


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