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Trend Predictions for 2019

We’ve written before about some of the new-to-market products and treatments generating buzz that just aren’t worth the hype yet — but that doesn’t mean that no trends are worth following.

Here are some of the things I’ve been keeping an eye on over the past few months, that make me particularly excited to be a cosmetic dermatologist — and a few that I wouldn’t jump on board for right away.

What’s Coming

As far as specific treatments or products, there’s a lot to look forward to this year. We recently announced a newer, longer lasting daxibotulinum toxin A that’s coming to market soon. We’re also anxiously awaiting Volux, a new Juvederm filler for the chin and jawline that promises firmer, longer lasting contouring.

But two of the products I’m most excited about this year are already available to our patients. Volite was released in 2018, and has gained tsunami-like momentum. It’s quickly become our most popular treatment, and this is one example of well-deserved hype that I expect to grow. Skinceuticals’ new, gentler 0.3% retinol is a great addition to what was previously on the market.

Finally, suspension sutures, like Instalift, are coming to Canada soon. These sutures, designed to lift sagging skin around the chin and jawline, are already available and in demand in the United States.

The biggest trend I’ve observed in the field as a whole — and one that I’m confident will continue throughout the year — is an overall awareness of the importance of self-care, and acknowledgement that this includes skincare. A strong skincare regimen is a key part of your self-care ritual — it plays into overall wellness and even benefits our mental health by reserving time to prioritize our own relaxation and happiness. It might not be as exciting as a new product announcement, but it’s definitely as important to our practice.

What I Love

Of course the things I love most are tried, tested and true, so we know they can be used in combination and have preventative effects over time. IPL, Microneedling and Thermage are all fundamental to my personal treatment routine for this very reason — I include them two to three times per year.

When it comes to daily products, I believe that topical antioxidants are a staple to any well rounded skincare regimen. My favourite is CE Ferulic; it’s really optimized my skin’s appearance over time. When I need an instant boost, I turn to HA5.

A daily sunscreen is another non-negotiable among our team, but I would also list TNS Essential as a particularly well-loved product among C&H staff. It remains the gold standard as an evidence-based, topical growth factor, and happens to be great for people looking for an easy win.

Not So Much

I’ve been noticing a trend in products and treatments that promise a quick cure to stretch marks and cellulite. When you see something new come to market with the same promises every month, it’s typically a sign that the previous solution didn’t work — always a good clue to do your research and consult a trusted physician. I’ve also been seeing a lot of body injectables that require very high volume, high price point treatments to accomplish very conservative improvements — this just doesn’t add up to me.

Of course, this is just a snapshot of what’s to come this year. Our team is actively involved in several clinical trials, and we’re excited about the potential for new evidence-based dermatology solutions that will be coming to our clinic and our patients soon.

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