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A Vancouver Stylist’s Complexion Journey

You may recognize Michelle Addison from CTV Morning Live, where she regularly consults viewers on latest fashion trends; from Nordstrom, where she spends her days as a stylist; or from Roque Jewelry, her very own line of simple, feminine pieces. But if none of those ring a bell, then you just might recognize her from our very own waiting room.

Michelle has recently been seeing Dr. Shannon Humphrey about an individualized plan designed to address adult acne and early signs of aging — two things that started to concern her after the birth of her adorable daughter, Stella. We chatted with the local stylist about where healthy skin fits into your personal style, and how Carruthers & Humphrey has impacted her complexion — and confidence — so far.

You’re a stylist by trade — how does your physical health and confidence in your appearance relate to your personal style?

My physical health is very important. I spend a lot of time and effort trying to maintain my health and well-being, because I truly believe in the holistic benefits of looking and feeling my best — I’ve even built a career around helping others do the same! I spent too much of my twenties not feeling so good about myself. The amount of time I wasted feeling bad is way more than the effort it takes to go to the gym and commit to a great skin care routine.

When and why did you start thinking about the health of your skin?

Just after the birth of my daughter — around 30 years old — I began to see the effects of sleep deprivation and stress on my skin. That’s when I started putting in the effort.

What brought you into Carruthers & Humphrey? Were there specific things you were starting to notice that you didn’t like about your appearance?

I had heard about Dr. Humphrey from a few different clients. I met Shannon and thought, “I want my skin to look like hers!” Her knowledge of the science behind the treatments was interesting to me — I wanted to know more about which treatments would benefit my specific skin needs. I’ve always really appreciated her intuitive and conservative approach to using Botox and fillers. Shannon appreciates her clients’ natural beauty and works to preserve and accentuate it; not fundamentally alter their appearance.

What did your typical skincare routine look like before coming to C&H?

I used to get facials every few weeks and use various creams and tonics. Now I have the entire SkinCeuticals collection and am thrilled that I’ve finally found “my brand”. I have a complexion that requires a mix of adult acne and anti-aging products, and SkinCeuticals is the first line that seems to conquer both seamlessly.

Can you describe your first consultation?

I was greeted by the nicest women in Vancouver (I am not kidding) and then filled out a form in the most glorious waiting room — with the most beautiful view of the city! The best part was that Dr. Humphrey listened so attentively to my specific concerns and requests. I immediately trusted that she would never push me into treatments that I didn’t need. She has since gently guided me through my concerns with aging, acne and all the rest.

What specific goals did you identify with Dr. Humphrey for a combination treatment program?

I really wanted to improve the texture of my skin and get rid of the acne that was plaguing me. I also wanted to look less tired — I know I’m not the only woman who feels that way…

How did you come to choose Botox, IPL and Clear + Brilliant?

I completely trusted Dr. Humphrey with her recommendations for my skin.

What specific skincare products did Dr. Humphrey introduce to you?

The SkinCeuticals line for aging and acne is working wonders for me. I use the cleanser, blemish serum, vitamin c, retinol, b12 gel and moisturizer.

Did you have any concerns or hesitations before starting?

Yes, I actually had several concerns. My main hesitation was that I didn’t want to look like a different person, and I didn’t want to look like I couldn’t move my face. I also worried about the downtime of treatments because I am always in front of people and the camera; I didn’t want to take weeks off work for recovery.

Did anything surprise you about the consultation and treatment process?

The Carruthers & Humphrey staff and the care I received from Dr. Humphrey are second to none. I couldn’t be happier with the friendly welcome I get every time I go in and the quality to the treatments that I receive — I almost always go straight to work after seeing Dr. Humphrey.

What immediate results did you notice?

I already look younger and more refreshed, and my skin is glowing.

How has this impacted your daily routine? How you think about the health of your skin and how has this changed?

These days I worry less and less about hormonal fluxes in my skin. The treatments have seemed to even out the consistency of my skin all month long. I also feel like I can wear less make-up as I’m much less concerned about covering imperfections like wrinkles and acne.

What’s next?

I’m going to try microneedling — I’ve heard it’s just amazing for attaining clear skin. I also want to try some more of the body treatments. I just tried Belkyra on the bulge between the bra strap and the under-arm — I can’t wait to see the results!

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