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Vancouver Sun: Dr. Katie Beleznay offers tip to Grooms

It’s that time of year, spring is on its way (we hope) and wedding season is upon us.  Generally speaking, there tends to be quite a focus on the bride and her preparation for the big day. But what about the groom?

The Vancouver Sun recently published a ‘Groom’s Guide’ on how to look your best on your wedding day including tips from our very own Dr. Katie Beleznay.

If your ‘soon to be’ is looking for some pre-wedding skin TCL let us help. A simple solution, like a streamlined, personalized skincare regimen, or a few in-office treatments, is often enough to make a world of difference. Carruthers & Humphrey offers a distinctly masculine approach to cosmetic dermatology. Talk to us and learn more: info@carruthers-humphrey.com or 604-714-0222




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