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Weighing In on the ‘Kylie Jenner Challenge’

On Friday, April 24, Dr. Humphrey spoke to Penny Daflos of CTV News Vancouver about the “Kylie Jenner Challenge” – an online trend that has teens and young adults, mostly young women, taking drastic steps to alter the shape of their lips. Those participating in the challenge put bottles or small glasses on their lips and then suck out the air to make their lips fuller.

As Dr. Humphrey explains in the segment, this is a trend that young people, and their parents, should take seriously.

“We can’t assume that teenagers…will know their limits,” adds Dr. Humphrey. “Patients can do this so many times, or do it so aggressively, that the damage to the soft tissue could be permanent.”

Beyond altering the shape of the lip, this challenge could have other, more serious, consequences. “You could easily cut your lip and have a permanent scar. And if you repeat it enough, you can actually get fibrosis in the lip and permanently change the shape of the lip.”
The full interview is available here.

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