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Where Does Skincare Fit In?

We spend a lot of time talking about injectables, skin tightening and combination treatments. You’ve also heard us talk about the importance of starting with your skin. As a result, we’ve been hearing that patients don’t understand where skincare fits in. The short answer is that skincare products are a critical component of our 360 approach to cosmetic dermatology—but that doesn’t necessarily help our patients understand what they should be doing beyond our clinic’s walls.

What does skincare mean to us?

It’s the foundation of a successful 360 plan. We consider skincare to include all of the topical products our patients incorporate into their daily at-home regimens. This can include everything from a daily sunscreen and serums to exfoliants and antioxidants.

An important component to all positive aging strategies, skincare is the easiest place to begin and makes a noticeable impact to your overall results with in-clinic treatments. In fact, Dr. Humphrey was presenting on this topic to a group of over 300 physicians just last week at Allergan’s MD Codes Event in Toronto. Dr. Humphrey described how a customized, evidence-based skincare regimen is truly the foundation to best aesthetic outcomes.

So, why is skincare so important?

We often describe the combined effect of clinical treatments and skincare as a 1+1=3 equation. We can develop a state-of-the-art treatment plan, but without a physician-designed skincare regimen, you’re missing the backbone required to achieve your goals. It’s kind of like how seeing a personal trainer once a week is only going to get you so far, if you aren’t combining those sessions with the right nutrition at home. Consider this the ultimate synergy between products and procedures.

“Beauty begins with healthy skin” is a holistic cornerstone to our approach in cosmetic dermatology. We believe it’s the most important to overall beauty, which is why you hear us say time and time again to start with your skin.

Our team takes skincare so seriously, that we’ve designed kits specific to our patients’ most common conditions and goals based on our wealth of experience. We find that this helps our patients feel more confident as they make choices in our on-site boutique, instead of feeling overwhelmed or confused by their options.

What skincare trends are on our radar?

We know so much more about the skin today than we did even just five years ago, and our industry isn’t slowing down any time soon. Case in point: at last week’s event, SkinMedica presented on a new product coming to market soon that will limit the negative impacts of  screen time on your skin… if that’s a concern you’d never considered, you definitely aren’t alone! Stay tuned for this and more coming to Carruthers & Humphrey in the new year.

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