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Who Should You Really Trust With Injections?

In her recent article, “The Blow Dry Lie”, New Beauty editor Jolene Edgar commented on the shortcuts being taken in the cosmetic dermatology industry to prioritize profit over the patient. As seen in Dr. Humphrey’s recent critique of the Drive-Thru Botox Bar trend, patients are becoming increasingly lax about their approach to injectable treatments.  

Edgar spoke with a number of certified cosmetic dermatologists — including Dr. Humphrey — about why this rising apathy, and what patients should be looking out for when considering an injectable treatment. The long and short: despite having a favourable safety profile, it’s imperative that patients turn to a doctor who understands and cares about their unique anatomical makeup and personal goals.

“It turns my stomach. It reduces cosmetic dermatology to the lowest common denominator, making it all about the money and not about the patient.”
— Dr. Shannon Humphrey
As quoted in The Blow Dry Lie, New Beauty magazine


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