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Women Supporting Women

The topic of women supporting women hits extremely close to home. As a clinical dermatologist, researcher, educator, and mother of four, few relationships are more meaningful to me than the ones I have with my female peers; those who understand my passion for this field as well as my balance across other priorities in my life, and support me through it all.

The value I place in these relationships is only emphasized when I meet women like Dr. Kate Goldie, who is not only a true ally and advocate in the field, but also a genuinely lovely person.

The women I’ve met through #Flame #Togetherwearestrong; teachers, researchers, innovators, leaders, friends – are another perfect example of the truly exceptional women I’ve been surrounded by throughout my career. We began as colleagues working together for a shared goal and quickly became close friends.

I feel lucky to have always had wonderful female mentors myself — including Jean Carruthers — who have helped me shape my career and my personal life.  It’s because of them that I’m actively trying to reciprocate that time and support through the Future Leaders Network and UBC’s Faculty of Dermatology.

Female leadership and woman-to-woman support is so important to our — and every — industry. I look forward to further growing my network of international thought leaders and nurturing the support system we’ve developed within our own clinic into 2019.

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