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Youthful, Natural-looking Lips Through The Ages

Dr. Shannon Humphrey weighs in on how to achieve beautiful, natural-looking lips. 

Beautiful lips have long since been a defining feature of youth and beauty, but these days they tend to be more top of mind than ever. New lip trends seem to be popping up weekly promising everything from a fuller pout to brighter colour.

There is still stigma around lip treatments dating back to the 1980s when fillers were first introduced and specialists tended to go too far, adding excessive, unnatural volume to the lips. That’s why many patients are more comfortable turning to over-the-counter cosmetic products.

At Carruthers & Humphrey we believe in helping our patients achieve natural-looking results that will stand the test of time and survive passing trends. “There is a unique anatomical and artistic architecture to the lips that needs to be appreciated to achieve a soft, natural-looking result,” explains Dr. Shannon Humphrey. “In very few cases will the goal actually be to increase size; more common goals would be smooth texture and balanced proportion.”

Here are a few ways you can enhance your natural lip shape, to ensure your lips look youthful for many years to come.

  • Volbella
    This filler is designed specifically for the lips. It spreads easily and doesn’t swell with water, making it optimal for subtle, airbrushed volume. Many models and actresses want to keep it natural as well. Below are some before and after photos from Dr. Humphrey’s A-lister treatments.
  • Neuromodulators
    Treatments like Botox can relax the muscles in and around the lips in order to soften fine lines that emphasize age, provide a subtle pout and enable long-lasting results.
  • Hyaluronic acid lip treatments
    Latest skin care products featuring hyaluronic acid are another popular choice among patients as they counteract the dehydration that this part of the body is prone to.

At Carruthers & Humphrey it’s rarely a question of either or. Our 360° approach to aging and skin care applies to lips, too. Customized combination treatments will always be most effective in achieving your goals — in this case: soft, kissable lips.

“Lips are not an island,” says Dr. Humphrey. “People often come in complaining about their lips, but after a full assessment, it’s actually a surrounding region they’re unhappy with,” she explains. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

Scroll through Dr. Shannon Humphrey’s before and afters below or read on about model and actress Clancy’s lip transformation with Juvederm here.

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